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Funeral Flowers & Their Symbolism

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The loss of a loved one is often one of the most challenging and emotional times in anyone’s life. As a close friend, colleague, or family member, it can be hard to know how to get everything squared away for the funeral. Flowers at a funeral are one of the most common and appropriate ways to express your condolences along with the love and beauty you felt for someone’s life. But different funeral flowers hold different meanings. By understanding flower symbolism, you can make sure that the funeral wreath flowers you chose represent the beauty, love, and delicacy of the life that was shared.  Here at Helen Olivia Flowers, we feel that funeral flowers should embody that beauty, so let’s explore some symbolism, some flower arrangements you can send if you aren’t planning the big day, and what makes a delicate funeral flower wreath.

1. Orchids

Meaning, “I will always love you”, orchids are the perfect way to show your sympathy and support. Most people grieving the loss of a loved one don’t want an overwhelming display of affection or attention.

Instead, send a tasteful arrangement of orchids that delivers the message, “I’m here for you when you need me”. Your silent support won’t go unnoticed.

You can also display orchids at the funeral to honor the dead or symbolize your everlasting love for the deceased. In terms of color, white or pink orchids are best and symbolize both sympathy and peace.

Another option is to gift your loved one a potted orchid plant. The potted varieties last much longer than cut flowers so your loved one can turn to the flower symbolism for strength long after the funeral ends.

2. Lilies

Known as one of the most popular flowers, Lilies often act as the centerpiece for funeral wreath flowers of traditional arrangements. Lilies are a powerful symbol of hope and encouragement. They’re also used to represent the spirit of the deceased.

White lilies symbolize the purity of the soul who recently passed and their everlasting innocence. If you’re attending a funeral that is faith-based or religious, lilies are the perfect flower to show both sympathy and respect.

A peace lily plant is similar to the lily flower and represents the rebirth of the departed’s soul from the physical world to a greater, more peaceful place. Available as a potted plant, the peace lily provides continued support for your grieving loved one.

3. Gladioli

The gladioli is a funeral flower that honors the deceased’s strength of character, integrity, and fortitude in life. This flower sends a message of upliftment and encouragement during a difficult time of mourning.

This traditional funeral flower also signifies sincerity and strong moral values. Choose this funeral flower when mourning someone who lead an accomplished life, was a pillar of strength, and will be remembered for their strong character.

Gladiolus come in a variety of colors, each with its own unique meaning. While red represents deep love, white symbolizes purity, and purple stands for grace. Choose a color that appropriately honors the deceased.

4. Forget-Me-Nots in Funeral Wreath Flowers

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As the name suggests, these funeral flowers are a symbol to the deceased that you will never forget them now that they’re gone. Forget-me-nots let the grieving family know that their loved one’s memory will live on forever in your heart.

This funeral flower comes in traditional colors like white and pink but also blooms in yellow and blue. Choose a color that is appropriate for the message you’re trying to send but also for the individual.

5. Hyacinth

The history and meaning of the hyacinth flower date back to ancient Greek mythology. Apollo, the god of the sun, was very fond of a young boy named Hyakinthos. Tragically, the young man was killed by the god of the west wind, Zephyr.

Following his death, it was said that beautiful flowers began growing around Hyakinthos’ body. Apollo named these flowers hyacinths as a way to honor the boy’s death.

Because of this, hyacinths are now often used to symbolize deep sorrow and longing for a deceased loved one. This traditional funeral flower has taken on many meanings throughout history, with some believing it sends the message “you’re in my thoughts and prayers”.

It’s important to take the recipient’s feelings and beliefs into account when using hyacinths as a funeral flower. Some people believe the flower symbolizes sports and games, which would be a highly inappropriate message to send when honoring the dead.

6. Roses


Most people associate roses with Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other happy occasions. But roses can also symbolize eternal love and respect, making them a suitable choice for funeral flower wreaths.

Pink roses show grace and appreciation and white roses, like other white flowers, universally express purity, peace, and innocence. If the deceased is a close friend, yellow roses appropriately honor the bond you once shared.

Rare, dark pink roses are an expression of gratitude and thankfulness to the deceased for their contributions prior to passing. Most funeral arrangements incorporate roses with other flowers in a wreath, standing spray, or casket spray.

We love to use whites, especially when preparing flowers for veterans at Arlington Cemetery.

7. Daffodils and Tulips

Perhaps overlooked as funeral flowers, daffodils and tulips deliver a message of renewal, encouragement, and hope for the future. Yellow varieties are especially bright and cheerful. Because of this, you need to be mindful and sensitive when sending daffodils and tulips to show sympathy.

If the grieving family knows their loved one is at peace and would want them to go on living and thriving, these may be appropriate flowers to symbolize new beginnings and prospering.

Daffodils and tulips offer encouragement, letting family members know that they’ll get through this difficult time and once again find happiness. It also symbolizes your support along this difficult journey.


Show Your Love and Support with Funeral Flowers from Helen Olivia Flowers

When you can’t find the right words to express your sorrow for the loss of a loved one, funeral flowers can do it for you. Each flower symbolizes something unique and special.

Understanding flower symbolism lets you send an appropriate and comforting message to the grieving family or to your own family members. It also allows you to honor your loved one’s memory and character.

At Helen Olivia Flowers, we provide a quick and easy ordering process so you can focus on what matters most. We pride ourselves on delivering unique, custom flower arrangements for every occasion. Let’s create a delicate centerpiece for your funeral wreath flowers together.

Reach out today and let our talented staff at Helen Olivia Flowers create a funeral arrangement that is meaningful and tasteful.

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