How To Keep Your Orchids Happy

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I get asked questions about flowers and plants all the time. Of all the questions I get asked, the stand out is: what am I doing wrong with my orchid plants? I get it- orchids are notoriously finicky plants. Too much light: dead. Not enough light: dead. Too hot: dead. Too cold: dead. You get the idea. Learn how to properly care for your orchid with Helen Olivia Floral Design!



So what is the deal with orchids? As someone who has cracked the code, I’m happy to share some helpful tips and tricks to life with happy orchids.

Jungle Vibes

Orchids naturally grow deep in the jungle, rooted in trees. As a matter of fact, they thrive in balmy and warm climates, so getting the temperature right is a big deal in your home. Avoid placing your orchids near AC vents, or near drafty windows in the winter months. A sign that your orchid might be a bit too cold? The buds are shriveling and aren’t opening.

Don’t water your orchid to death

In an attempt to “love” our orchids, sometimes we may go a little gung-ho on watering. Truly less is more with orchids. Actually, the experts tell us a shot glass a week, but this isn’t even a steadfast rule. The best test? Reach your finger into the root ball and only water when things feel dry. I’ve found that every 10 days is the sweet spot for my plants.

No standing water!

Along the same lines as the rule above, letting your orchid sit in any type of standing water is a surefire way to kill your orchid.


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Light just right

I feel like I’m telling the tale of Goldilocks when describing an orchid’s light preferences. Orchids aren’t plants that thrive in really sunny windows. The ideal spot for an orchid gets soft, filtered light, so place it back from a window by several feet. Too much light dramatically shortens the lifespan of an orchid and causes blooms to drop quickly.

Not all orchids are created equal

In fact, the orchids you grab at a big box store are lower-quality orchids and often stressed out from incorrect care. If you’re killing an orchid you grabbed at the grocery store, give yourself a break. It’s not you, it’s them.


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The good news? Once you dial in on a good watering routine and a happy spot in your home, orchids tend to be low maintenance and an elegant addition to the home.

Ready to bring an orchid plant into your home? Contact us here at Helen Olivia Floral Design to get started on the process!

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