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Celebrating Mom with Beautiful Flowers

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to start placing flower orders to celebrate all the important women in your life. Here are a few insider tips on how to pick the perfect arrangement for Mom.

Consider the way she decorates.

If you're stumped when it comes to color or design style, be inspired by how she decorates. Women with a clean and sleek design aesthetic tend to appreciate a more modern and simple style, for example an elegant tulip arrangement. Alternatively, someone who loves a more eclectic style may enjoy a more lively and mixed arrangement.

Consider what colors are most used in her home- that's always a telltale way to pick a color palette. Does she love orange throw pillows? Chances are, she'll love orange flowers. Is her entire home neutral? Stick with white and greens for the arrangement.

Order in advance.

Mother's Day is like the Super Bowl for flower shops. Order as far in advance as you can to make sure to secure flowers she'll love. There's less selection as the holiday draws closer, so planning ahead pays off.

Leave the details to the designer.

Pick a florist who you love, give a little direction on color and price, and leave the rest to the professionals.

There's really nothing harder for a floral designer than trying to make a laundry list of random flowers look good. Imagine taking this order, "Make me something nice...my mom likes yellow, red, orange, and dark purple. She likes Gerber daisies. She also grows day lily and daffodil in her front yard. She also likes hydrangea and peonies. Can you make something with all that?" It's a designer's worst nightmare. Instead, give us a favorite color and allow us to select what is most beautiful to design with. The end result will be cohesive, fresh, and beautiful.

Shop small, Shop local.

The floral industry is quickly changing, and independent shops (like Helen Olivia!) are a dying breed. Large wire-service corporations are flooding the internet with special offers and incentives. These offers are dangerous- often only a fraction of what you pay actually makes it to the flower shop with huge commissions being taken off the top. So many times, photos are misleading and designs are disappointing. To boot, many arrangements are delivered via UPS resulting in dead or damaged flowers- not a great presentation for Mom.

When you shop local, you're ordering directly with a florist. No middle man. What is pictured online is what you get, and all arrangements are delivered by hand in the DC area.

However you plan to celebrate Mom this year, make sure it involves beautiful flowers!


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Our flower shop in Alexandria, Virginia, caters to a number of special events, like weddings, parties, celebrations or graduations. Our floral design experts are constantly creating stunning floral, gift and plant design arrangements.


Our professional florists can help you choose the most beautiful flowers for any individual or occasion. Our most flower arrangements and custom bouquets are delivered to all of Fairfax and Arlington Counties in Virginia, Montgomery and Prince George Counties in Maryland and Washington DC.

We also offer same-day flower delivery in Alexandria, VA! Our in-house team can deliver orders to your door.

We’re just a call away at 703-548-2848! You may also email inquiries to info@helenolivia.com

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Established in 2005, Helen Olivia Flowers is committed to helping you express your pure sentiments for your near and dear ones with the freshest flowers you can find. We have the perfect hand-made floral arrangements to meet any style or budget. 


No matter what the occasion is, turn to the best flower shop in the historic Old Town Alexandria, VA where our seasoned florists will create a stunning arrangement to delight you. 


We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Browse our curated collection of flowers, plants and gift baskets online. All our marvelous flower arrangements are hand-arranged and speedily delivered to each door.

Unlike other florist shops in Alexandria, VA, we never deliver your ordered delicate flowers in a random BOX! We deliver flowers in a lovely arrangement that sparkles your mood like a blooming flower!

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