One-In-A-Melon Summer Entertaining!

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Summer is my favorite season of the year. It’s the time of year we bid adieu to seasonal depression (boo cold weather!) and bask in the sunny weather. It’s also the season of summer entertaining, BBQs, backyard parties, and the time I love to employ one of my tried-and-true floral hacks.

Before I share this neat little trick, I have to tell you that I laugh every time a friend tells me that they could never, ever- not in a million years- be a floral designer. While I am flattered, the truth is that 90% of floral design success is having the right tricks up your sleeve. I hope you’ll all give this one a spin over the summer. It’s easy, fun, and sure to wow your friends.

Step 1

Pick out a watermelon that’s right for the job. I love a few mini watermelons to run the length of a rectangular table, or a single large watermelon for my kitchen island or food buffet. Ideally, find a watermelon that’s a little flat on one side so it doesn’t roll around.

Step 2

Carefully cut the top of the melon off. If you’re feeling fancy, you can carve the melon into a basket shape with a little handle. (And make sure to snack on the pieces of melon you cut off!)


Step 3

Start out by layering in a base of pretty greenery around the edges of the watermelon. Insert your stems right into the melon- just like a floral foam.


Step 4

Next, add in a few bunches of bright, summery blooms. We recommend using stronger flowers that can survive in a watermelon. (i.e. this isn’t a great project for hydrangea!) Add flowers in layers for a lush and full appearance.


Step 5

Step back and pat yourself on the back! We recommend keeping your flower-melon misted with water daily and out of direct heat and sun to enjoy for a few days.

Cheers to summer full of backyard entertaining, friends!

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