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X-Mas & Sugar Thrills at the Four Seasons

Sugar pop culture is in, so why not surprise everyone this year with the magic of a rainbow unicorn Christmas tree? Don’t stop there. You might as well kick it up a notch and add the Spice Girls “Christmas Wrapping” song to your hotel lobby Christmas playlist. Helen Olivia Flowers is the premier hotel florist in Washington DC. We’ve created a truly magnificent “Sugar Thrills Christmas Tree” at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington DC. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the holiday and the whimsy of rainbows and unicorns.

Are you looking for ways to elevate your hotel lobby or holiday events? Today, we’ll talk about rainbow Christmas decor and why Helen Olivia Flowers is the best high fashion florist in the area.

Jazz Up Your Holiday Events With Helen Olivia Flowers

It’s our favorite holiday here at Helen Olivia Flowers, and we’re ready to take your gathering to the next level with the magic of the rainbow (in high fashion, no less). Rainbows have increased in popularity over the years, even making an appearance on the runway.

Most people associate bright colors with the rainbow, but that’s not always the case. Rainbow-colored fashion style and decor can come in both pastel and saturated hues. Rainbows symbolize appreciation and hope, two essential qualities to showcase during the holidays.

Gold, silver, red, and green are the traditional colors that you see around the holidays. At Helen Olivia Flowers, we believe that any color scheme can make the season merry and bright. That’s why we used rainbows and magic as the inspiration for our Sugar Thrills Tree at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Shake It Up in the Hotel Lobby With Rainbow Christmas Decor

Unique styles drive traffic into your hotel. All you need is one person to snap a picture in front of a grand Christmas tree or holiday floral display and post it on social media. Once people start seeing and sharing the image, it can quickly gain a lot of attention.

If you have an Instagram-worthy lobby, everyone will want to head to your hotel so they can spice up their feed. Everyone wants to become the viral sensation that spreads across social media.

Don’t underestimate the power that Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have for bringing people into your hotel. Even if they’re not guests, they can still explore the wonderful amenities your property has to offer. They can also recommend your hotel to friends and family who come to stay in the area.

Designing the Sugar Thrill Christmas Tree at the Four Seasons Hotel

It takes a creative mind and an eye for new trends to design something like the Sugar Thrill Christmas Tree. This tree is made of light pink feathers with an illuminated crystal snowflake on top. When looking at this tree, you’ll feel like you’re transported to the Land of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

We didn’t stop there with our rainbow-themed design. We sprinkled pearls and shimmery globes throughout the tree.

Are our decorations making you hungry? Unfortunately, the blue swirl lollipops on this tree aren’t for consumption, though they do pop out against the soft pink of the tree.

Throughout the tree, you’ll also find artificial pink leaves, orchids, and metallic feathers. Bows made of pink gingham ribbon are used sparingly for a hint of texture.

Since we are a unique florist after all, you’ll also find delicate roses and poinsettias scattered throughout the tree. The tree is overflowing with ribbons, garlands, and bushels of tulle.

Do you want to know our favorite thing about the Sugar Thrills Christmas Tree? You can look at the tree multiple times and still see something new. You’ll notice a detail that you didn’t see the first time you looked at it.

Another thing we love about this tree is how understated it is. While there are so many things to look at, the soft hues of the tree tone down the experience. Viewers aren’t overwhelmed by too many things when they look at the tree, making for an enjoyable viewing experience.

That’s what makes our florists and designs at Helen Olivia Flowers so incredible. Each detail is deliberate but not over the top. We’re focused on creating unique visual experiences for your hotel guests and visitors.

Personal Sugar Thrill Unicorn Bouquets

Need a florist for your holiday event? For your little girl or special someone, order them their very own personal Sugar Thrill Unicorn Bouquet. Our Sugar Thrill design can be enjoyed both on the massive scale of a Christmas tree and in a more petite bouquet.

Do you have a client who wants to have a unique, holiday-themed wedding? Talk to them about having a Sugar Thrill-themed wedding. The soft pastels and delicate materials used in our designs perfectly pair with any special day you have coming up.

Same-Day Delivery Throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

Are you looking for a unique and high fashion touch for your holiday event or hotel lobby? How about a bouquet purchase for a special someone? Spice it up and spread the sugar thrills this holiday season, only at Helen Olivia Flowers.

We’re proud to offer same-day delivery in the following areas:

  • Springfield, VA

  • Arlington, VA

  • Alexandria, VA

  • McLean, VA

  • Washington, DC

To learn more about our same-day delivery services, give our Alexandria location a call.

Partner With the Best Hotel Florist in Washington DC

At Helen Olivia Flowers, we don’t do traditional-style floral design. We’re focused on creating unique, custom floral arrangements that draw people into your hotel.

Stop in our flower shop, or keep it laid back and order same-day flower delivery in Washington DC. We can’t wait to create an innovative Christmas tree or any other type of holiday arrangement to brighten your hotel lobby.

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