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4 Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in DC

Did you know that Americans get more excited for Valentine’s Day than Christmas? It’s difficult to dislike an entire day dedicated to romance, sweet treats, ooey-gooey love and flowers! But the biggest challenge when it comes to Valentine’s Day is coming up with exciting new date ideas. What you did for the last two years just won’t work, you’ve got to spice it up this time around. Luckily, we rounded up the best things to do as a couple in the big Capital of the USA. Dinner and a movie are great, but it’s time to get funky, and go bold! Ready to have the best Valentine’s Day with Helen Olivia Flowers? Let’s get it started early, and plan your same-day flower delivery in DC, before the day fast approaches.

valentine's day, helen olivia flowers, floral design, roses, love


1. Have a Sweet Day Date With Coffee and a Book

Everyone puts emphasis on the evening of Valentine’s Day, but what about a classic day date? If you’re planning an entire day of romantic adventure, you’re going to want to put Kramers Bookstore and Bar at the top of your list.

You can start the day drinking coffee with your partner, watch the clientele, or find your next favorite book.

Kramers opened in 1976. The building was constructed in 1920, originally as an automobile showroom. Kramer wanted a business that allowed customers to read and eat, which are two of the most enjoyable human activities.

The nicest aspect of a date like this is that there is no pressure. It’s perfect for a couple that is celebrating ten years together, and it’s also an ideal first date.

Be sure to order a nice big cup of coffee because you still have the entire rest of your day to enjoy. Oh—don’t forget to bring the roses!

2. Enjoy a Night Latin Dancing

One of the best ways to spend time with the person you love is to put on your dancing shoes. Isn’t there something particularly magical and poetic about a dancing date? It’s like having a conversation with your bodies in rhythm and time.

So hurry up with those slip-ons and turn up the music. We’re about to tell you of a very spicy Latin dance class offered right in your neighborhood- The DC Salsa Dancing Queen. Cecilia Villalobos, the owner and teacher of The DC Salsa Dancing Queen, loves changing lives through fitness and dance, and she offers a variety of dance lessons, as well as group and private lessons.

Got two left feet? There are plenty of opportunities to watch others dance while you and your partner sip on some delicious beverages. Check out DC’s Cuba Libre, they’ve got Valentine’s Day Specials.

3. Visit the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden

For couples who enjoy the finer things in life or are looking for the opposite of a club experience, why not visit the National Gallery of Art? The National Gallery of Art and its attached Sculpture Garden are public and free of charge. If your partner loves art, nature, or both, then it’ll be a wonderful surprise for them.

You can expect to find drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and decorative art pieces that range from the Middle Ages to the present. This museum features the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the Americas.

After you’re done looking at the impressive collection inside, grab your partner’s hand and make your way to the sculpture garden. This is where you can stroll lovingly while taking in some of the fascinating works of art around. Even if you’re not a big museum person, this is sure to inspire.

If you’re interested in learning more about the pieces in the museum, you can take a tour with your date before grabbing a delicious dinner nearby.

4. Listen to Jazz at Blues Alley

When you want to stray away from traditional bars and restaurants, you look for a place with some character and texture. You don’t need to look any further than Blues Alley. Nestled in the Georgetown neighborhood, famous musicians have filled this venue with their soulful music since 1965.

You may recognize this name from the iconic Live at Blues Alley album, which features Dizzy Gillespie, Pat Martino, Eva Cassidy, and Grover Washington Jr., to nabme a few.

This is a perfect Valentine’s Day date for music lovers, jazz fanatics, or anyone who enjoys a nice time with good company. In addition to their live shows, there’s also a food menu. No need to bounce from place to place, everything you need is right here.


Washington, DC’s Dupont Underground

DC is full of amazing date spots, and an honorable mention is Dupont Underground. This arts organization transformed 15,000 sq ft of space under the Dupont circle into a platform for contemporary arts.

It’s the perfect place for any artistic couple who want to find the most exciting new arts venue in DC. Be sure to grab a snack beforehand; it’s sure to take you some time to see all of the work.

Same Day Flower Delivery, DC

Don’t let the pressure of impressing your loved one get to your head, it’s going to be a cool date filled with warm fuzzy love. So hit the big city this Valentine’s Day for delicious food, artistic dates, and cultural landmarks that remind us why love is so important. Between one of these perfect date ideas and same-day flower delivery, DC, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

But remember, no Valentine’s Day is complete without a beautiful bouquet of roses, so be sure to check out our Valentine’s day Bouquet Collection and order for delivery before it’s too late! We wish you a very cool date filled with warm and fuzzy love.. Be sure to check out our online store and get same-day delivery with us!

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