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Valentine’s Day: Choosing a Perfect Bouquet

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to give your sweetheart? Since the 1700s, people chose fluorography to express how they feel. Every detail, including the type of flower, color, stage of maturity, and how they gave it away held specific meaning. Pay close attention to detail to make your Valentine feel special. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers for what you want to say without saying a word.

I Love Only You

Stay classy this year and order long stem roses to make a simple statement of love. Giving your Valentine a single rose tells them that you love only them, in a passionate way.

The Greeks used red roses as a symbol of eternal love. So only gift it to somebody who stole your whole heart.

An old-fashioned way to give the single stem rose to a lady is to bow and present it to her. This tells your woman that chivalry is far from dead and that you plan to treat her right.

Laying the rose over her pillow for her to discover after the date lets her go to bed feeling loved. Follow up the discovery with a kiss to stop words from ruining the sentiment.

You Complete Me

You can love many people. But only your other half can actually complete you.

Gifting a full Valentine’s Day bouquet of 12 red roses tells your partner that they complete you. This signifies a sustainable type of love, often felt by long-term couples.

Pair the roses with baby’s breath, which adds a beautiful contrast next to the full and vibrant flowers. These tiny white buds add a sense of purity and make an old love young once again.

Complete the meaning by asking the florist to shape this bouquet in the shape of a heart. Give them a card that shares specific details about why you continue choosing them, along with their Valentine’s Day flowers.

My Intentions Are Pure

Are you sending a DC flower delivery to somebody new? If you feel excited about building a partnership with somebody you still never exchanged the ‘L-word” with, consider sending white roses.

While often used at weddings, they do not necessarily reveal love. White roses signify pure intentions and new beginnings.

Opt for a clear vase over anything with color. This keeps the attention on the blooms alone.

I Admire You

You might suggest a deep sense of admiration over love by sending a beautiful arrangement of pink roses. A mix of both dark and light shades will add depth.

Add in azalea to add elegance and show that you find them beautiful. Pink dahlias represent femininity and grace to add another element to this gift.

Leave a handwritten note with the flowers. On it, write exactly what you admire about them.

You Fill Me With Happiness

Happiness feels delicate and bright, just like the color that represents it. Tell your special Valentine how happy you feel with them by sending yellow flowers.

While most roses work well as a Valentine’s Day gift, the yellow variety may send a different message. They denote friendship rather than romanticism.

Instead, choose pansies, begonias, and ranunculuses. This joyful bouquet will leave them feeling cared for and appreciated.

Let’s Fix Us

Looking to ask an ex-lover to be your Valentine once again? Sending Washington, DC flowers can definitely help you do this.

They offer a literal fresh start to making an ugly situation beautiful. Choose a bunch of salvias to relay your request to fix things.

These long, purple flower tails carry the power to heal. They look beautiful in a vase as well.

Maybe don’t send these without an explanation though. Add in a handwritten note apologizing for how things ended, asking for a chance to fix things, and suggesting how you might move forward differently than before.


You Drive Me Wild

When a person drives you wild, your heart races and you cannot get them off of your mind. You may even act in ways you never did before because this person changed you.

What better way to relay such a sentiment than with vibrant wildflowers? Mix up the arrangement with a variety of colors and shapes.

Create a paradox that seems as if there is no rhyme or reason to the choices, yet they look like they belong together.

Send the arrangement to the workplace of the one you admire. This way they hear how obviously crazy you are about them all day long leading up to your big date.

Think Of Me As I Always Think Of You

If you hope to stay on somebody’s mind, give them the flower that requests this in its name. Forget-me-nots brighten any room with their yellow-on-blue contrast.

They appear so dainty, yet leave such an impact. Your flame will appreciate your unique way of requesting their attention.

In fact, the way this gift makes them feel will be completely unforgettable. This flower works especially well when you must celebrate Valentine’s Day apart.

You Are My Sunshine

Our entire solar system revolves around one sun that nothing could ever replace. It keeps us warm and gives us life.

Does your true love seem to do the exact same for you? Then tell them with a vase full of sunflowers or yellow blossoms.

Yellow blossoms literally light up a room. Find a music box that plays that old song, you know, the one that warms your lover’s heart.

We’re Adding To Our Love

Are you waiting until Valentine’s Day to tell your love that you’re expecting? A vase full of mums and baby’s breath may do the trick!

The florist may even add some extra hints into the arrangement, like a large white flower that looks like a stork with a tiny baby figurine in the middle. Get creative!

Let Valentine’s Day Flowers from Helen Olivia Flowers Say It All

Do the words never seem to come out quite right when you try to tell them how you feel? Let a gorgeous arrangement of Valentine’s Day Flowers supersede talk.

We offer fresh and unique flowers in the DC area. Order yours online! Or call us for a unique and specialized bouquet today!


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