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Easter Flowers Delivery Gone Pastel

Did you know that 60% of Americans believe that flowers have more special meaning than any other gift does? 77% of recipients also believe those who send flowers for special occasions to be thoughtful, which makes sense since people are hardwired to love their beautiful colors and smells. If you want to make someone’s Easter feel special, ordering Easter flowers delivery is one of the best ways to go. Read on to learn some of the best Easter flowers arrangements from Helen Olivia Flowers that will make any recipient feel special this Easter.

Bashful Bouquets by Helen Olivia Flowers


Our Bashful Petite arrangement showcases a beautiful combination of pink and blush-colored flowers. Some blooms this arrangement holds are roses, ranunculus, garden rose, hydrangea, and lisianthus. Clematis vine adds a pop of texture to the bouquet and rounds it out for a more cohesive aesthetic.

The Bashful Petite flowers are arranged in a 4-inch cylindrical vase. Like most of our arrangements, however, the precise flower varieties will depend on the exact season that you order them. The overall look of the bouquet will be the same and your Easter basket will still use the pastels that you love.

We also offer a Bashful Medium arrangement that comes in a 5-inch cylinder and a Bashful Large bouquet that spans 6 inches. Both of these arrangements use the same color scheme as their petite counterpart.

Lavender Arrangements by Helen Olivia Flowers

Love the idea of purple Easter flowers? Look no further than our Lavender bouquets. These come in the same sizes as the Bashful arrangements, so you get a lot of choice when selecting the right bouquets for any gathering or loved one.

Lavender arrangements combine white and purple hues for a beautiful final product. These blooms are given contrast and texture by the same green Clematis vine that Bashful uses. It also uses other flowers similar to Bashful but ensures that they all are pretty in purple.

You can also customize your Lavender arrangement (or any happy Easter flowers)! Choose a vase that best fits the recipient’s tastes and style. We offer simple white ceramic bases, but if you want something fun, fresh, and metallic, you can get that as well.

Low Easter Cylinder


Looking for something that screams “springtime”? The Low Cylinder arrangement might be the right choice.

It features gorgeous blooms in many pastel hues including pink, blue, purple, and blush. These colors are offset by green foliage to provide the same contrast as all of our bouquets. For some added Easter fun, this bouquet also features tiny faux eggs within the foliage.

The arrangement gets its name because of the wide vase that it sits in. It’s perfect for any recipient looking for Easter flowers images to come to life as a side table decoration or a dinner centerpiece.

Easter Long and Low

easter, helen olivia flowers, floral design, bouquets


Do you love the colors of the Low Cylinder arrangement but want something that takes up a little more space? Easter Long and Low might be a good choice. It’s just as low an arrangement as Low Cylinder bouquets are, but the container is longer and makes for a perfect springtime centerpiece.

The low vessel that holds blooms with classic Easter flowers names is made from natural birch. This contributes to the authenticity of the bouquet and frames Easter as a time to appreciate natural springtime beauty.

Floral Easter Basket


Scientifically speaking, nostalgia is one of the most powerful feelings that any human can experience. A floral Easter basket can take any recipient back to their childhood and reunite them with the wonder of a childhood Easter.

Our baskets are made from naturally-woven branches. They feature a floral arrangement made from the same blooms as our other Easter bouquets, and the shape is large enough to showcase the individualistic nature of each flower.

One of the coolest things about this basket is that we don’t use any cookie-cutter standard floral design. Instead, we pride ourselves on being creative and unique with all of our floral gifts. Easter baskets are a fairly popular concept and ordering from our talented team means that you won’t wind up with something that matches all of the other baskets out there- instead, your gift will stand out.

Bunny Trio Easter Flowers


Large and loud baskets are perfect for Easter flowers, but small and subtle arrangements make for amazing gifts as well. This is especially true when you invest in a uniquely-shaped hand-styled arrangement.

Nothing screams “distinctive” like a small floral arrangement in a ceramic bunny-shaped vessel. You can get three adorable rabbits around the size of your hand that have bright pink and pastel yellow blooms coming out of their backs.

These make for amazing Easter decorations for recipients looking for subtle beauty that’s easy to incorporate in any décor scheme. They also make for whimsical gifts for children who you want to give the magic of Easter to.

Easter Flowers Delivery Goes Rattan Bunny

easter, helen olivia flowers, floral design, bouquets, rattan


If you’re a fan of the Easter rabbit theme but want something a bit larger, the Rattan Bunny might be the right choice for your Easter flowers delivery. This pastel arrangement is one of our favorites because you can choose the color palette that you most want. Lavender, blush, bright yellow, and pastel blue are some of the most popular options for Easter blooms.

The main reason that the Rattan Bunny is a great choice is because of its shape. The flowers are woven around a wooden bunny that looks amazing with any Easter decorations. It also comes with a coordinating ribbon to draw all of the pastel hues together for a comprehensive arrangement.

Order Easter Delivery with Helen Olivia Flowers!

While choosing an Easter flowers delivery service may sound like a challenge, it’s simple when you know what to look for. You won’t find high-end luxury flowers like those offered by Helen Olivia Flowers anywhere else.

Our talented family business believes in making top-notch arrangements with a modern and luxurious flair. We also offer same-day delivery so that your recipient doesn’t need to be kept waiting after you order online, in-store, or over the phone. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have and to begin the ordering process.

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