6 Arrangements With Spring Pastels

Did you know that Rutgers University studies have proven that flowers impact our emotional state? Scientific research shows that flowers trigger positive emotions, improve mental health, and positively impact social behaviors. If you’re looking to decorate for Easter or send a bouquet to a loved one, choosing the right Easter flowers can help get everyone in the mood for a happy holiday. But how can you make sure that you get the best flowers for Easter delivery? Read on to learn some of the color palettes that give off springtime energy and to see some of the top floral options available to you from Helen Olivia Flowers.

Pastel Palettes & Spring Vibes

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Pastel colors are the most popular hues around Easter time. These are muted versions of bright colors made by mixing white with them. The result is a delicate version of blue, pink, yellow, green, or any other color.

According to psychology professionals, pastel hues give the feeling of being soft. They make viewers feel peaceful and tranquil to foster a sense of safety and security. They also are commonly associated with nature, which makes them ideal for springtime vibes.

Pastel hues also symbolize spirituality and hope, making them perfect for celebrating the resurrection if you are religious. Regardless of whether or not your celebrations are spiritual or secular, the cleanliness, expansiveness, and openness of pastels are a great choice for the home.

Some common pastel hues are robin’s-egg blue, mint green, and lavender. Baby pink is also a pastel, as is a lighter and muted version of canary-yellow. The defining pastel feature is a light hue that lacks brightness.

What Makes a Good Floral Arrangement?

There are 5 basic components to any flower arrangement:

  1. Balance (making sure that the arrangement is symmetrical and evenly spaced)

  2. Scale (keeping the flowers proportionate to the vessel or space)

  3. Color (matching the hues of your arrangement)

  4. Texture (visually interesting tactile differences within the arrangement)

  5. Dominance (a reoccurring shape, size, or Easter flower type)

Because pastel flowers are both diverse and versatile, they allow you to succeed in achieving the best possible version of all these facets.

How Can Flowers Complement Each Other?

easter, pastels, helen olivia flowers, floral design, bouquet

Because pastels are associated with Easter in general, choosing a pastel bouquet also ensures that decorations match. Dyed eggs tend to come in these light hues, as do other store-bought Easter decorations. However, flower arrangements also must internally complement each other.

But how does this happen?

Pastel colors generally all work well with each other. Because of the way that they incorporate heavy amounts of white, none of them clash. In fact, including multiple pastel hues in an Easter flower arrangement is a great way to create a visually appealing contrast.

Robin’s Egg Blue

Blue is widely acknowledged to be the calmest color. When blended with white into a pastel, it also becomes luminous and summery. Its reminiscence of a cloudless sky gets people ready to spring into Eastertime (no pun intended).

In floral arrangements, you can combine pastel blue with blush or beige tones for contrast. If you want to give your bouquet a sophisticated and cool feeling, gray is another great color to combine it with.

We like to combine it with lavender and mint hues for an analogous pastel scheme. This is because purple, blue, and green all sit next to each other on the color wheel. They complement each other perfectly.


In addition to looking great with pastel blue and pink hues, lavender looks great with white flowers. That’s why our gorgeous Lavender arrangement combines it with cream-colored flowers. This bouquet is set on a lovely Clematis vine backdrop for a pop of color.

The symbology of lavender is spiritual healing. It also symbolizes purification and the easing of tension. This is because it is a relaxing and healing color.

In other words, these purple Easter flowers are perfect for a recipient that wants some calm collection in their life in the middle of Easter event planning!

Mint Green

Mint green is an extremely versatile pastel color. While technically a cool hue, it can become warm-looking when combined with blush or beige flowers. Pale yellow also nicely offsets minty hues because of their proximity on the color wheel, as does pastel blue.

Green is a natural color that invokes outdoorsy spring vibes. Because of this, it looks best when combined with naturally-woven wood branches. It’s therefore ideal for inclusion in any Easter flower basket that you want to send to a loved one this season.

Cotton-Candy Pink

Cotton-candy pink is generally thought of as soft and feminine, but it can look like dyed eggs or spun sugar around Easter. This makes it ideal for gentle luxury floral arrangements and baskets.

Combining pale pink with minty green is one way to make your flower bouquet look unique. These colors are opposites on the color wheel, making them a complementary color scheme. When combined, they give off a romantic and natural aesthetic that’s perfect for springtime.

You can also combine them with warm whites to amplify their soft beauty. Cream-colored flowers such as white peonies and dahlias are great options here.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow is one of the top Easter colors because it’s both soft and energizing. Yellow is said to be one of the most active and engaging hues, and mixing it with white doesn’t dilute this psychological association. Incorporating pastel yellow into a floral bouquet gets the recipient in the mood to socialize with you and other Easter guests.

One of the best Easter color combinations is pale yellow + bright pink. The pink brings out the softness of the pastel hue while providing a brighter pop of color. You can even combine these hues in a ceramic bunny-shaped pot for some extra Easter fun!

What Flowers Go Well in Easter Arrangements?

If you’re looking for a luxury flower arrangement for Easter, you will need to know what flowers you have to choose from. At Helen Olivia, we understand the importance of individuality when it comes to arrangements. They aren’t one-size-fits-all.

That’s why we don’t do any traditional floral design here at Helen Olivia Flowers. Baby’s breath and red roses only go so far. Instead, we’re committed to creating unique, aesthetically-pleasing bouquets that you can customize to your heart’s content.

Some of the top Easter flowers that we love to use include:

  • Roses (in various unique pastel hues)

  • Ranunculus

  • Garden rose

  • Hydrangeas

  • Lisianthus

  • Lilies

  • Clematis vine

Many of these flowers come in multiple hues, so make sure that you choose the right ones when ordering. For example, lilies come in white, light blue, pale purple, and yellow. Check out the arrangement that you’re looking at to make sure that it includes the colors that you want before ordering.

Other Accents for Easter Flowers for Sale at Helen Olivia

Flowers aren’t the only things that make an arrangement special. You also will want to use the right container for your Easter bouquet.

Because pastel hues give off natural vibes, wooden vessels are some of the best options out there. For example, our Easter Long & Low arrangement comes in a natural birch vessel that complements the flowers. When paired with green foliage as a backdrop, the entire bouquet looks like it could have sprung from the ground.

Our nostalgic Easter basket is also made from wood. The handle for the basket is even hand-woven for an expertly-handmade look. This is one factor that contributes to a high-end luxury aesthetic.

However, wood is far from your only option when it comes to bouquet vessels. You can also choose ceramic options. Our petite 4″ arrangements come in simple white ceramic pots to keep the focus on the flowers. You can also get these exact same arrangements in 5″ or 6″ ceramic vessels.

While ceramic is a sophisticated and elegant default, some Easter enthusiasts want to give loved ones brighter arrangements. Metallic vessels are bright and eye-catching, which provides a great contrast with pale pastels.

You can customize most of our arrangements to fit in the vessel that you want. This lets you make the most of your centerpiece or gift because it will be delivered in exactly the way that you envision.

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The Top Easter Flowers Arrangements for Spring Lovers

Some Easter arrangements are simple and elegant. They’re specially made to look great all spring rather than exclusively for the holidays. Helen Olivia sells these simple arrangements in 4, 5, and 6-inch options so that you can send something in the perfect size to your loved one.

We already brushed on our Lavender arrangements, which combine pastel purple and creamy white. We commonly include roses and hydrangea in these bouquets as well as buttercups. However, you can also ask for other flowers to be included as well.

Our Bashful arrangements are also simple combinations of buttercups and roses. However, their color combination is pastel pink, bright pink, blush, cream, and light green foliage. These are great for classic Easter decorations in dining rooms or on coffee tables.

Special Easter Arrangements from Helen Olivia Flowers

Want something a little more complex and festive? If subtlety isn’t your forte, you can choose from any number of larger, Easter-specific bouquets.

Our gorgeous Easter basket contains tiny fake eggs throughout its design for some festive flair. However, this is far from the only bouquet that incorporates this whimsical component.

Our Low Easter Cylinder gets some texture from these faux eggs, which sit among lisianthus, white roses, and small blue button flowers. We also place these eggs into our Easter Long and Low arrangement if you want something larger to fit on a long and boisterous dinner table.

In addition to pastel colors and green backdrops, most of our Easter arrangements incorporate blush and beige. These hues are ideal for those who want their colors to pop against neutral backdrops that make them look simultaneously soft and bright.

Rabbits, Vines, and Pastel Accessories

If the faux eggs didn’t provide a festive enough Easter aesthetic for your holiday fun, you might be interested in getting an arrangement shaped like a bunny. After all, these animals are the most widely-known and respected symbols of the season!

The Bunny trio features the ceramic bunny-shaped vessels that we discussed earlier. These vessels contain bright pink and pale yellow flowers set against green foliage. The white and pale-purple mini blooms in the foliage provide contrast for a cohesive look.

However, you can display larger bunnies around your home with a floral touch if your motto is “go big or go home.” Our Rattan Bunny incorporates all of the same flowers that our special Easter arrangements boast. However, all of these flowers are twined around a bunny made from spun wood.

Rattan bunnies are tied off with a pastel bow to match the Easter flower’s hues. This ribbon also comes with the Bunny Wreath that we make from boxwood and green foliage. This adorable wreath is perfect for a door decoration and sits 25″ tall and 12″ wide.

All of these options are great for themed Easter decor. They also make for next-level luxury gifts to send to Mom, a partner, a relative, or a friend.

Order Same-Day Delivery Flowers for Easter from Helen Olivia Flowers

easter, pastels, helen olivia flowers, floral design, bouquet

Easter is a time for pastels and palettes that pop. Now that you know some of the ways that you can choose the right Easter flowers, it’s time to choose your arrangement.

Our family business here at Helen Olivia Flowers creates custom handmade arrangements based on your individual specifications. We offer simple online, phone, and in-store ordering options to ensure that you can have a no-frills experience. Before buying a modern and luxurious floral bouquet, contact us with any remaining questions! We also offer flower arranging classes for group events!

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