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DIY Orchid Arrangement

When you decorate for a party or event you want to set the vibe right. The first step is picking a theme. Why not go modern Samurai? Purple Japanese orchids paired with violent red tones and touched with wild greens. Now that sounds like a Soiree. Start by finding that vivid orchid arrangement in vibrant purple. Pair it with bright reds and magentas with hints of deep green. This color palette evokes the sophisticated nobility of traditional Japan, turning it into what we now know as the Modern Samurai. Check out our guide below and travel with Helen Olivia Flowers to the land of Orchids. Let’s figure out what it takes to hold a real soiree with a modern yet traditional Japanese twist.

The Modern Samurai Party Palette

So you’ve decided to go for the modern samurai look, but what does that mean? It means balancing between rich royal violets and vibrant reds. It also requires you to do this against a clean and elegant background.

The proper modern samurai palette evokes the nobility and spirit of Japanese culture. It uses Murasaki purple, a color associated with the nobles and warrior class of Japan. This signature color is then supported by cooler reds and complimenting pinks to create a graceful harmony.

Orchid decorations and flowers are a popular way to incorporate these three colors. The richness of the Murasaki makes it a great choice for a cloth serviette or table linen. These colors evoke the beauty of Japan, but they require some greens and earthier tones as well.

Rich and darker woods are a good choice for furniture to lend a sense of warmth and poise. Black cups or vases give depth and definition, which the flowers then lighten. The overall aesthetic welcomes a touch of white or silver to provide a tasteful contrast.

These work well as accents to chairs or plates or with crystal wine glasses. Finally, a bit of wild greenery works wonders to capture the subtle splendor of nature.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Event

Before you settle on your perfect floral arrangements, you need to consider location. To make the most out of a modern samurai theme, you should consider clean lines with a darker background theme. The District Winery in Washington DC is a great choice for this.

The reasons for this are simple. It’s full of both light and dark wooden panels and accents. This gives a warm and traditional vibe that allows your Japanese palette to shine.

The wooden beams are reminiscent of classic Japanese homes and look lovely with verdant greenery. The clean industrial lines also create a sense of symmetry, freeing your eyes. This allows you to appreciate the orchid arrangements and the other decorations more.

Another great option is Blackwall Hitch in Alexandria, VA. Two of their spaces, The Bridge and The King’s Room, are perfect for a modern samurai-themed event. These spaces lean into a dark and sleek industrial vibe.

The clean lines, old-school light fixtures, and large windows full of natural light are perfect. The purples, reds, and pinks of your theme will stand out even more. At the same time, your lighter accents will always go well with blacks and darker browns.

The table settings can even serve as an accent, allowing you to get more creative with the rest. Let your orchid arrangement stand out and do some heavy lifting.

Dress to Impress

Once you have your theme and venue to match, you need to consider the dress code. One trend that’s been growing in popularity is going with jewel tones. Those who are feeling bold might want to go with gorgeous red or teal suits and cocktail dresses.

A darker ruby, sapphire, or amethyst would provide a deep and rich color to match the theme. If the table setting is neutral enough, it allows a dual focus. You can draw the eye to the beauty of the flowers while also using the flair of the guests to provide an extra splash.

If going with or allowing amethyst, it might be worth switching away from purple napkins. Go with cooler neutrals instead, like greys and steels. In this scenario, the samurai’s colors come from their robes and the striking flowers around them.

Those who want more control over the color coordination will want to opt for a classic black-tie look. A third option would be to allow jewel tone accessories and accents. Examples include ties, pocket squares, boutonnieres, and corsages.

Plan the Music

When it comes to music, the choice is yours. It’s important to incorporate what you like, and this is something best left to the experts. The gorgeous Japanese-inspired theme might take you in a traditional direction.

You might prefer a cozy and relaxed jazzy feeling instead. Whatever you agree with your musicians or DJ, it’s important to time it right. You want something relaxing and ambient while people are chatting and eating.

When people hit the floor to let loose and dance, you’ll want a good mix of slow and fast-paced dancing tunes. Don’t let the Japanese theme shackle your music choice, though. A modern samurai can appreciate any genre.

Send Out the Invites

If you’ve gone to the trouble of setting a theme and a dress code, the next step is to make some killer invitations. These can be digital or physical, but you need to match the theme. A good idea is to go with a strong contrast that still keeps with traditional Japanese colors.

Consider light mustards or warm oranges. Orange, in particular, was a color reserved for the Japanese aristocracy. This gives your invitations an air of exclusivity.

Yellow, on the other hand, sits opposite of purple on the color wheel. This makes it the perfect choice to stand out and create a two-toned contrast with your purple pieces. Orange can still fulfill this role, albeit in a warmer way.

Gold also has strong ties to Japanese shrines and temples. This added authenticity while keeping with the theme. All of these considerations can also apply to your guest place markers.

The Perfect Orchid Arrangement for City Events in the DMV

Remember that when it comes to the perfect orchid arrangement for your event, you can never go wrong with a Japanese theme. Tap into millennia of rich culture and go with decoration that elevates any event. From the casual to the professional, and even for more upbeat parties, it’s a solid choice from us here at Helen Olivia Flowers!

Need a little help? Helen Olivia Flowers has you covered. We know how to bring your modern samurai-inspired theme to life. Be edgy, be bold, leave the katanas at home, and stop into our Alexandria VA flower shop. We do same-day flower delivery in Washington, D.C. Choose Helen Olivia Flowers for your local floral needs today!

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