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New Years Resolution: Flowers as Self-Care

Did you know that flowers harness secret powers? That’s right; here at Helen Olivia Flowers, we believe in flower power! It’s true, we are no doctors, but we live, breathe, and love the fact that well, as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “The earth laughs in flowers.” So let’s make laughter a priority this year by working flowers into our daily self-care routines.


Why Flowers?

Don’t you mean, why not? Flowers are a staple in many women’s self-love journey and wonderful for self-care after a hard work week. They’re beautiful, relaxing, inspiring, refreshing, and much more. In other words, they have a special ability to transform the mood of any day.

But that’s not even the best part. Flowers can also become a staple piece of any self-care routine. There is nothing more empowering than admiring the beauty of flowers you gifted yourself, along with incorporating them into your lifestyle.

1. Be Your Own Secret Admirer

Having a routine is one of the most basic self-care tips. Your routine doesn’t even need to be an everyday thing. An action as simple as sending yourself flowers every month or maybe even bi-weekly is enough to find enjoyment and stability in the new year.

Remember, your flowers don’t need to be from a lover or secret admirer, because the most important person in your life is you. You’re a Boss, a businesswoman, and a superpower – remind yourself of this and send a note of encouragement along with your bouquet. Your words could be the pick-me-up you need on a rough weekday.

Flower Subscriptions

If you’re ready to buy flowers for yourself, consider using a florist that offers a flower subscription, such as your local experts at Helen Olivia Flowers. These are monthly, weekly, biweekly, or quarterly flower delivery plans. Through a subscription, you will not have to worry about calling the florist each time, and will have a system that ensures you keep up with your resolution.

All you will need to do is choose your bouquet size/type and begin a payment/delivery plan. You can choose from all types of bouquets or even a seasonal orchid arrangement. After setting up your order, relax. Your flowers will come to you as easily as they grow.

2. Pass On the Love

Research has shown that giving benefits the giver as much as it does the receiver. Giving does this by connecting us with others, stirring up gratitude, and improving our overall health. Sending flowers to your friends is a great way to promote these feelings and share the beauty of nature.

Don’t wait for a birthday, holiday, or loss to show you care. The best way to get all the love associated with gifting is by sending flowers at random. You could choose to send your loved one a bouquet during a notably hard week, or you could send them a few roses and a pleasant note any day.

If you can, consider making a goal to send one friend the gift of flowers each month. By the end of the year, you will have impacted the lives of at least a dozen people.

3. Keep Up the Element of Surprise

If you’re a creature of habit, receiving the same flowers every delivery day may be exactly what you’re looking for. But if you ever want to spice things up, ask your florist to send you a surprise arrangement. Their flower shop is full of unique designs, colors, patterns, and arrangements.

This means they will have everything you need to surprise yourself with a unique bouquet. If you’ve already signed up for a flower subscription, take advantage of the new year and make it a resolution to practice spontaneity and mix up your arrangements. You can choose to change things up every week or select the weeks you’d prefer something new.

Whichever option you fancy, you’ll never be disappointed by the talent of your florist and the handiwork of mother nature.

4. Flower Press Rituals

Make working with nature a ritual this year. Get your subscript sent to you every month at the Full Moon, and then Press your Flowers in a notebook as the Moon wanes into darkness. This can help let go of the old and bring in new exciting experiences every month this year!

Once they’re complete, you can use your preserved flowers to fill picture frames, scrapbooks, shelves, etc.). Now, this eco-friendly reminder of your favorite moment/gift will never have to leave your home. You can also use photography to remember the perfect petals of your favorite flower.

Take a photo of your bouquet at its best, or at different moments through its lifecycle. Once you’ve captured your flowers in their most favorable light, send them to the printer for a framed copy. When it returns to you, you’ll have a permanent reminder of your first-hand encounter with nature’s beauty.

5. Spread Their Beauty to Every Room

Usually, when you receive an arrangement of flowers, you want to keep them all in the same place. This makes sense, but carefully removing a few from the bouquet and placing them around your home will allow their beauty to reach farther than before. This action will not only brighten up the area with a pop of color but will also become a constant reminder to continue self-care everywhere you go.

The gift of finding beauty wherever you physically or mentally are is a gift worth having. If you haven’t already, start looking for charm in every season of the new year and use your flowers as a reminder to do so.

Self-Care Tips for Women

Now that you’re an expert on self-care tips for women, it’s time to adopt a few of these tips for yourself. Buy yourself a bouquet, send it to your office, and place a few around the house. We promise you’ll thank us later.

If you’re looking for a florist that offers same-day delivery, flower subscriptions, and unique bouquets, give Helen Olivia Flowers a chance. We are a family run business with a wide variety of arrangements in an equally large selection of styles.

Thanks for stepping into our realm of flowers. Stop in and see us soon, or sit back and relax… we’ll deliver flowers to your Arlington, VA apartment, babe! Or visit us in the shop to learn more about our services and pricing. We hope to help you soon as you embark upon your journey to self-care!

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