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Celebrate the New Year with Exotic Florals!

Move over poinsettias. It’s time for a seasonal centerpiece that guests will pine over. Here at Helen Olivia Floral Design, we’ve been busy gathering eye-popping floral designs bursting with exotic flowers and mystical themes all year long, and we wanted to share some of our favorites from the year!

Our goal is always to create a showstopper. From Holiday dinners and office parties to shopping displays and celebrations- we do it all! So let’s celebrate together with these never-before-seen exotic floral arrangements. Are you ready to set the ambiance? Let’s talk flowers.

Exotic Floral Arrangements Are In Here at Helen Olivia Floral Design

It’s time to do something different. But what?

Orchid arrangements are a great option when going bold. But Bold doesn’t always mean big, sometimes it means simple, tall, slim, and dainty. Yes, we’re talking about an orchid centerpiece. We all know orchids (and, let’s be honest, we all have opinions on the perfect way to water them). But how often do you see them at a dining room table?

Building exotic flower arrangements around orchids does something mystical to a room. This arrangement includes three striking tall stems bursting with blooms, set in a dark, narrow vase.

The sharp contrast between the vase and the flower is sure to draw the eyes. The set of three gives the sense of a full bouquet while maintaining a simple elegance that pairs well with monochrome décor. For that reason, this arrangement is a perfect floral design for New Year’s or another classy event.

Start Off With a Statement

Looking for something that will stop your guests in their tracks? This arrangement was a big show stopper for us this past year, its dainty colorful hues paired with a rich pink planter made guests feel like garden nymphs.

Big-impact displays draw eyes and create a convenient spot in your room for guests to stand and gather around. Sometimes they even evoke the imagination, inspire a new painting, and definitely make you smile.

Large arrangements can also add a pop of refreshing color. It is always important to pick a pallet when getting started with a floral arrangement. The concept behind this exotic floral arrangement included a bright color palette filled with peachy and purple tones.

The planter is bursting with green vines at the base, interwoven with pops of lavender and bright greens. Above that, we’ve worked rich blooms into dreamy wooden branches that will transport your guests to a secret world of flowers. Twirling branches chock full of character invite guests to gather for a glass of wine.

Statement pieces like these are great to brighten up large spaces. They work great for celebrations and events. Never underestimate the power of a good flower display to go viral on social media and attract attention to your business or event.

A Twist on the Old Standard

Though traditional isn’t really our style, we’re not against remixing the old to make it exciting and new again. Our wreath collection proves that.

This Past year we went Tangy bold. We pushed ourselves to create floral designs that say ‘hello’ in a fresh way. The result of all this hard work? The exotic centerpiece above should sum it up.

You’re probably used to the bright red amaryllis and its long thick stalk. We’ve taken that idea and given it a new home. An elegant marble-like vase has a shimmering, dreamlike quality that will make your guests think of freshly fallen snow.

The blooms themselves aren’t the traditional white orchids. Instead, we’ve gone for a dusky orange palette, set in a bed clear vase and complemented by swirling pink veined orchids. The result is a striking display that evokes a gentle joy.

This design is smiles and tears of joy in a vase. Give one as a gift to someone special and unique. Use it in the center of your dining room table or on a side table in a transition room like a hallway or stairwell. And don’t be surprised when you find yourself pausing as you walk by, spending just a second to take in its simple beauty.


Fresh Flowers Year-Round

As the days grow shorter, we could all use a bit more lusciousness in our life. Treat yourself or someone you love this holiday season with a flower subscription. Through this service, on the first day of each month, we deliver exotic flower arrangements to homes and offices throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

We’re also proud to offer same-day delivery to the following areas:

  • Springfield, VA

  • Arlington, VA

  • Alexandria, VA

  • Reston, VA

  • Washington, DC

  • Montgomery County, MD

We’re especially excited for the holidays this year, and we always carry exotic floral designs for any occasion. You can order online, over the phone, or in person at our store in Alexandria. We service same-day flower delivery throughout the DMV area, so give us a call!

Explore Helen Olivia Floral Design

At Helen Olivia Floral Design, we’ve come to appreciate how important the little things are – a bright bouquet can spark a smile or the imagination, and a thoughtful arrangement can show someone just how much you care.

We’re approaching a time to celebrate, and we hope these exotic floral arrangements show you just home much we care! Don’t let your holiday party get lost in the shuffle of seasonal engagements. Be bold in the New Year, and get ready to transport your guests and shoppers through the power of flowers.

Do you love some of the arrangements we showcased today, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get started on your own custom design. We can’t wait to create something edgy and bold for you.

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