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A Beautiful Orchid Care Guide

There are a little under 400,000 species of flowers in the world, each one being unique in its way. However, there are few flower species as bright and intricate as orchids. These stunning flowers are the perfect addition to any home. Whether you order orchids as part of a flower subscription from us here at Helen Olivia Flowers or you grow them yourself, why not try welcoming one of these flowers into the home? Here’s a quick guide on how to care for orchids so that they last for a long time!

What Are Orchids?

orchids, helen olivia flowers, floral design

Before we jump into orchid care, let’s take a moment to talk about these beautiful plants.

Orchids are the largest species of flowering plants on the planet. There are about 30,000 different varieties of orchids and roughly 120,000 hybrids!

In their natural environment, orchids grow in forests. They’re usually climbers, which means that they cling to trees.

There are two different types of orchids, sympodial orchids, and monopodial orchids. Monopodial orchids grow from a single stalk while sympodial orchids grow from multiple bulbs.

How to Take Care of an Orchid

Now that you have a little more information on orchids, it’s time to learn how to take care of one yourself. These delicate tropical buds are fairly easy to take care of once you get the hang of them.

Give Them Bright Light

One of the biggest mistakes that first-time orchid owners make is giving them too much sunlight. Even though orchids like bright light, you need to make sure that it’s filtered.

If you place your orchid in direct sunlight you can end up damaging the orchid. This is because your orchids are sensitive – direct sunlight is too strong.

To properly pamper your petals, keep your orchids near a sunny window with a sheer curtain. This will help filter the light enough to protect your babies from harsh rays while still giving them enough light.

Maintain a Steady Temperature

Orchids should be kept at a steady temperature. That means that major drops in temperature or cool drafts can be damaging to these sensitive beauties.

The best method for caring for your orchids is to keep them indoors. That will help you maintain your orchids at an even temperature and prevent them from getting too hot or too cold.

Speaking of too cold, it’s important to know that orchids don’t do well at temperatures below about 50ºF. During the winter months make sure your green babies are kept in a warm spot!

Keep It in the Original Pot

When you buy an orchid arrangement, it will come in its pot. As long as the plant is healthy and happy, don’t try making any changes to its home.

Orchids don’t need to be repotted, even after a few years. It’s best to leave them alone as repotting them can damage these sensitive plants.

If you simply have to move your orchid to a different container, make sure to re-pot it with a special orchid potting mix. These usually contain moss or bark and are designed to help your plant baby thrive.

Treat Air Plants With Care

One popular type of orchid is an air plant. These orchids don’t need to be potted in the soil to stay healthy and happy! And, they don’t require a whole lot of water.

The trick to caring for these plants is to give them water regularly, but not to overdo it. You’ll want to let them sit in the sink and gently run water through their roots.

Make sure not to soak the plant or to allow water to sit on top of its leaves or crown for too long. Too much water is a death sentence for your beautiful babies.

Don’t Forget the Fertilizer

Your orchids need to eat, too! The best way to keep your orchids healthy is to give them regular plant food.

Once a month, provide your orchids with a water-soluble and balanced fertilizer. You can often find fertilizers that are designed especially for orchids.

When your orchids stop blooming you can reduce how often you fertilize them. However, once you notice new growth on your plant it’s time to break out the fertilizer again.

The Best Orchids for Beginners

If you’re just starting with orchids, there are a few flowers that you can try growing. Start with easy orchids and slowly work your way up to flowers with fancier frills once you’ve got the hang of the easy ones.

A few of our favorite orchids for beginners include:

  • Aspasia

  • Brassavola

  • Bulbophyllum

  • Calanthe

  • Cattleya

  • Encyclia

  • Laelia

Remember, there are hundreds of orchids for you to choose from! These are just a few picks that look gorgeous and don’t require a ton of effort on your part.

Many of these orchids come in different colors and shades, too. No matter what style you’re looking for, you’ll have plenty of options as a beginner orchid grower!

Once you’re ready to step up your game, you can try some more advanced orchids. We love:

  • Isa

  • Tripetaloides

  • Subrosa

  • Pecteiluls radiata

  • Aurata

  • Uniflora

Adorn Your Home With Orchids from Helen Olivia Flowers

Orchids are beautiful flowers and can last a long time if you know how to care for them. With the right amount of watering, sunshine, and nurture you can enjoy tropical blooms year-round!

Do you want to start your orchid garden or brighten the house with a stunning orchid arrangement? Order today from Helen Olivia Flowers and get same-day flower delivery in Arlington VA, and beautiful orchids will light up your home as soon as well- today!

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