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The Tangy Tutorial: Orange Bouquets

Can you say Hello Fresh? Some messages are best communicated with the perfect bouquet. Many people opt for traditional white, pink, and red to convey a heartfelt message. However, have you ever thought of making a flower arrangement with orange flowers? Citrus bouquets can bring fresh new energy and offer a powerful message. Want to try your hand at making or conceptualizing citrusy bouquets? Stick with us as we guide you through the basics of how to make orange bouquets by Helen Olivia Flowers. We will go through the whole process, from the materials to the assembly. Read on for additional tips and tricks to take your bouquet to the next level.

What Materials Do I Need?

Before you get to place the flowers, make sure you’ve got all the materials down. Here’s what you will need to make flower bouquets:

  • Concrete vase

  • Chicken wire

  • Stakes

  • Clippers

  • Floral knife

  • Gloves

The concrete base and chicken wire are useful for table arrangements. They both provide stability and structure to the arrangement. If you are from Virginia, you can head to our shop at Leslie Ave, Alexandria, to pick these up.

The Allure of Citrus Colors

If you make an orange arrangement right, it is sure to steal the show. It is for its fierceness that people tend to be cautious around the color orange. Orange is friendlier and more versatile than you may think!

The color orange has much range as any other color. Its warm saturated hues come off as zesty and high energy, which may be what you are looking to make. If you want a gentler approach, tints of coral can be more subtle yet still enthralling.

The use of citrus colors is worth exploring in a flower arrangement. They are high fashion, mysterious, and exotic. It is a sure way to evoke intrigue, no matter the occasion.

What Flowers Should I Use in My Orange Color Palette?

The choice of flowers is a huge part of flower arrangement. Here are some orange flowers you can use for your project:

  • Free spirit roses

  • Coral expression garden roses

  • Orange babe spray roses

  • Dahlias

  • Orange ranunculus

  • Cymbidium orchid

These are all beautiful with varying tones, textures, sizes, and shapes. Some flowers are seasonal, like dahlias. The fact that they are only available at certain times of the year makes them more special.

How to Make a Bouquet With Tangy Colors

Before starting, have a mental plan of how you want the bouquet to look. Plan out the distribution of the colors, shapes, and textures. You can now get your bucket of flowers and pick up your tools.

1. Setting up the Canvas

When making a bouquet, the first step is to establish stability and support. Do this by placing your chicken wire in the heavy vase. This is where you will insert the stems of the flowers when arranging them.

Before touching your chosen blooms, place the foliage as a foundation. These are sometimes overlooked in a flower arrangement. Don’t skip this part because their neutral colors are great for tying the whole look together.

Choose the right leaves for your bouquet. If you don’t know where to start, you can’t go wrong with bush ivy. Umbrella ferns are also a handy accent.

2. Preparing the Flowers

Often you won’t need the leaves on the flower itself, and you can discard them. This is because you already established a backdrop with the foliage.

If the flowers have thorns, shave them with your knife. Pay attention to the smaller thorns because they are less obvious but more painful. Remember to have your protective gloves on for this!

Some flowers have these things called guard petals. These protect the flower from damage, whether from the elements, harvest, or transport.

Guard petals are easy to tell from the rest because they will look beat up. Pluck them out for cleaner-looking flowers. From here, you can start placing the flowers on your arrangement one by one.

3. Arranging the Flowers

Distribute the flowers to the arrangement. It’s best to place the flowers one kind at a time rather than all at once. This way, you will have more control over the distribution of the shapes and colors.

When working with a monochromatic palette, make it more dynamic by adding dimension. Enhance the visuals of the bouquet by varying the depth of the flowers. The form is one of the major elements of floral design.

4. Finishing Up the Orange Bouquet

After placing most of the flowers, the bouquet should start coming together. Inspect it for less dense areas that lack color or texture. Start filling these up to make it all look more complete.

From here, adjust according to your instincts until all looks right. You now finished your bouquet!

With your fresh new bouquet, don’t forget that you need to continue to care for it. Supply the flowers with water by pouring some in the vase now and then. Keep it from direct sunlight to keep the flowers alive for longer.

Some Tips and Tricks

Want to know how to make a bouquet that stands out? Throw in something unexpected and striking.

If you are going for a softer ambiance, stick to less saturated and more neutral tints. You can make it look less static by adding more dimension. For example, try making it asymmetrical.

For more dynamic textures, add unusual elements like feathers, crystals, and jewels. Did you know that you can even put real citrus fruits in your arrangement? Place a clementine or two on your bouquet for a real tropical vibe!

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment! While there are methods to guide you, don’t be afraid to trust your eye. For more tips from professional florists, check out these virtual floral design workshops from Helen Olivia Flowers!

Where Can You Find a Premium Florist in VA?

Ring Helen Olivia Flowers for a private event or simply tang up your love life with a trendy orange flower arrangement for your loved one. We do same-day delivery in Alexandria, VA, and the surrounding DC Metropolitan area for all those forget-me-nots (pun intended).

Thanks to our professional florists, our portfolio is sure to impress. Contact us now to have the perfect flower arrangements according to your needs, all in the Helen Olivia Flowers’ signature style.

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