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Spring: A Pastel Flower Guide

The spring equinox arrives like a fresh breeze of new life and it brings with it a gorgeous tapestry of pastel flowers that you can use to celebrate the end of winter. A bouquet of fresh spring flowers, all symbolizing good things for the season, is the perfect way to welcome the newness that spring brings. If you’re wondering what the spring equinox rituals and history are all about and what flower types would work for a celebratory bouquet, check out what we have to say here at Helen Olivia Flowers!

What Is the Spring Equinox?


The spring equinox is the first day of spring. It never happens on a set date, but rather when the axis of the rotation of the earth lines up with the path of the earth around the sun. Sunlight trails along the equator for a full rotation and causes day and night to be the same length. After this, the North Pole begins to tilt towards the sun again after being shy and distant through autumn and winter. In 2022, the spring equinox falls on March 20th at 3.33 pm UTC.

Why Choose Pastel Colors?

It seems fitting to celebrate spring equinox ritual with a pastel flower bouquet as pastel colors are known to be mood lifters. Pastel flowers introduce a feeling of calm, lightness, and softness into a room that imbues those properties to anyone who steps in. Pairing pastel flowers with earthy, neutral, shades leads to an understated sophistication that quietens the soul. Here are some of our favorites for pastel flower arrangements.


Proteas offer a feast of texture, color, and form all in one flower. Easily the hero of a bouquet, proteas are the show-stoppers of the flower kingdom. The cone-shaped flower is surrounded by stiff, spiky, petal-like leaves. The center of the flower is a fuzzy mound of tightly-packed stamens. Including proteas in a bouquet symbolizes strength, courage, and resilience. Proteas come in many colors including the paler varieties that blend in with the delicate pastels of a spring equinox bouquet.

Roses in Spring Equinox Rituals and Parties


Roses are versatile and can take center stage in a bouquet or fulfill a supporting role. Some varieties have scents, adding an extra layer of sensory indulgence. For a pastel bouquet, lean towards soft pink, gentle lavender, peach, or pale yellow roses. Above all, vintage roses are ideal if you’re wanting to incorporate an antique element into your bouquets, such as dusty rose or mauve.

Wax Flowers

Offering shades of light orange and pale purple to a spring bouquet, wax flowers symbolize riches and lasting love. With their sweet, star-shaped petals, wax flowers are an alternative to traditional filler flowers to complete a bouquet. The Dancing Queen hybrid flowers start out light pink and slowly turn to lavender as the flowers age. Basically, the flowers are double-petaled, allowing a softer effect when used in a bouquet.


Hydrangeas produce generous blooms of multiple flower clusters in gentle shades that range from light blue, cream, lavender, and sometimes pale yellow. They offer a sense of abundance due to their shape and size. In contrast, the symbolism of hydrangeas differs from culture to culture but is generally seen as heartfelt emotion.


Snapdragons add a dimension of height to a bouquet with their stately stalks each bearing a multitude of fluffy flowers. Paler shades of snapdragons represent grace while under pressure or possessing inner strength in difficulty. Both meanings are fitting for a spring bouquet that celebrates life after the cold of winter. Use snapdragons  as stand-alone flowers or fillers in a pastel flower bouquet.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas come in a wide range of shades, but the pastel varieties are particularly breathtaking. For a bouquet with whimsical softness, sweet peas add delicate charm with their soft, gently gathered petals. Sweet peas are often associated with departures or goodbyes. Including them in your spring equinox arrangement is a delightful way of waving goodbye to the colder months.

Pink Tulips

Tulips are popular bouquet flowers with their regal presence and long, strong, graceful stems. Dutch tulips are symmetrical and are a sign of health, confidence, and good wishes. For a different shape that defies the shyness of a regular bloom, a lady tulip is a six-petalled flower that opens up all the way. It usually comes with custard-cream petals with a hint of strawberry pink to add a blush of color.


Daffodils are well known for their boldest yellow variety, but these bright heralds of spring also come in pale yellow and gentle pink. As they are some of the first flowers to make an appearance in springtime, they often represent rebirth and new beginnings. Even better, daffodils inject the hope of new opportunities when used in a pastel flower bouquet. Pair daffodils with flowers that have no effect by daffodil poison, such as jonquils, snowdrops, or amaryllis.

Lily of the Valley

Charming and coy, lily of the valley flowers are small, bell-shaped blooms that give off a sweet scent. Lily of the valley adds a soft texture to a bouquet. These delicate white flowers are simple to slip into a pastel bouquet to add fullness and charm. The meaning they add to a bouquet is the return of happiness, which makes them a perfect spring equinox flower.

Celebrate Your Spring With Pastel Flowers in Alexandria, VA


Furthermore, whether you made a new years resolution to up your level of self-care or the spring equinox is a great opportunity to celebrate, we have gorgeous ideas for pastel flower bouquets for you.

Browse our selections online, phone or pop in to see the floral magic for yourself here at Helen Olivia Flowers!

If you’re ready to welcome spring with open arms and celebrate the spring equinox with a beautiful bunch of blooms, contact us today. The Helen Olivia Flowers team is available for same day flower delivery in Alexandria VA and surrounding areas.

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