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March Birth Flower: Daffodils

As the year wears on and we move into March, many of us are looking for the first signs of spring. Warmer temperatures, sunnier days, and, of course, the return of flowers. The first sign of a daffodil in your yard may be a joyful reminder that warmer weather is coming and the days are getting longer. Did you know that daffodils, in addition to being steeped with symbolism, are March’s birth flowers? Read on to learn more about these gorgeous blooms and the significance they hold with us here at Helen Olivia Flowers and beyond!

Meet the Daffodil

The daffodil is a gorgeous yellow flower with a trumpet-like shape that blooms in the spring, usually around March. They have six petals that surround a central bell with a playful ruffled edge. These spring flowers can come in a variety of colors, including pink and orange, but the most traditional blooms are yellow, white, or a combination of the two.

As we’ll discuss more later, daffodils bulbs get planted in the fall, and the flower hibernates through the long, cold, dark months of winter. Once the ground thaws out and the sun returns, daffodils push their way up through the soil and burst out in joyful bouquets and blooms.

Where They Grow

Daffodils grow throughout the Mediterranean region of Europe, as well as in parts of Asia. They are especially prolific in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, and western France. In the United States, these flowers flourish in agricultural zones three through eight, which encompasses almost everywhere except the southernmost tips of Florida, Texas, and California.

Daffodils thrive in full sunlight and love growing along the edges of lawns, in fields, or in open flowerbeds. They can do okay with some dappled light, which makes them a great choice for planting around small trees. Many people prefer to plant daffodil bulbs in the hundreds or thousands for a field of sunshiny waving flowers in the spring.

Symbolism of the Daffodil

You might not be surprised to learn that there’s a lot of symbolism associated with the daffodil. In addition to being the flower for people with a birthday in March, daffodils are seen as a beautiful symbol of rebirth and rejuvenation. For many people, they represent forgiveness, new beginnings, fresh insight, and creativity since they bloom during a time when the world is springing into fresh new life.

Welsh legend says that the person who spots the first daffodil of the new spring will find wealth in the coming year. Chinese tradition says that if a daffodil blooms on the first day of the new year, it will be a year filled with good fortune and wealth. But be careful if you give someone daffodils for their March birthday or a tenth wedding anniversary – giving just one is seen as bad luck.

Daffodils Through History

You may hear daffodils referred to by their Latin genus name, the narcissus. This flower family is named after a Greek mythological figure so beautiful, he fell in love with his own reflection. He wasted away pining, unable to tear himself away from his own beauty. When he finally died, his body transformed into a daffodil.

But the daffodil has also had an important place throughout factual history. It’s the national flower of Wales and is worn on March 1 every year for St. David’s Day. Daffodils have also been an important part of medicine from ancient poultices to modern-day Alzheimer’s medications.

Growing Daffodils

Whether your month is March or you just enjoy flowers, daffodils are a great way to bring joy in spring. They’ll want to be in soil that drains well and someplace that gets plenty of sunshine. Select nice large bulbs that have a papery coating, but that aren’t dried out.

You’ll need to plant your daffodil bulbs in the fall so they’ll be ready to bloom the next spring. Plant your bulbs with their pointy ends up about two times as deep as the bulb is tall.

Ex: four to six inches deep for a two-inch bulb.

Plant them about three to six inches apart from each other. Sprinkle a little bulb fertilizer in the hole before you cover your daffodil bulbs up.

About Birth Month Flowers

Flowers have held symbolic meaning for centuries, and the birth month flower symbolism tradition dates back to Roman times. Not only does each flower bloom in the appropriate month (most years), but shows its symbolism in people.

Find Your Birth Flowers at Helen Olivia Flowers

Birth flowers can be a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday or that of someone you love. The birth flower for March is the daffodil. This is a bloom that hibernates through the cold months of winter and emerges with the sun in the spring. These plants thrive in the sun and can make a fantastic addition to both your flowerbeds and your table arrangements.

If you’d like to find your birth flower, check out the rest of our site at Helen Olivia Flowers. We are the most sought after Alexandria VA florist, as well as DC florist. Order same day flowers in Alexandria VA and start getting the most beautiful flowers for your favorite person or occasion.

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