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What is My Birth Flower?

There’s something wonderful about the magic of our birth signs, but have you ever heard of your birth flower? Slightly more unique and incredibly useful when choosing presents, it’s one of the mysterious aspects of astrology that we absolutely love. If you’re wondering what your birth flower is, us here at Helen Olivia Floral Design have put together a little guide for all the birthday flowers that decorate your birth month with colors and laughter!

January’s Snowdrop

helen olivia floral design, birth month, flowers, snowdrop

It makes sense to start with January when looking at flowers by birth month, so here we are! In January, you’re blessed with snowdrops and carnations as your flowers. These are two hardy plants that manage to grow through the cold winters, so they’re a perfect pick for winter babies!

Carnations have a rich history behind their pink ruffles. They’ve been iconic in the world of Christianity, where there are stories of Mary crying for Jesus only for her tears to turn into carnations. Symbolizing love, loyalty, and devotion, they’re a very special flower for a very special month!

Snowdrops are used to signify hope, beauty, and thriving, as they’re one of the only flowers that can break through the winter snow and ice, providing beauty throughout the winter days. Learn more about the January Birth Flower.

Violets in February

helen olivia floral design, birth month, flowers, violets

February is the month of love, but also of violets and primroses! That’s right, roses don’t come into the equation at all despite it being Valentine’s Day. But we think the choices you have are beautiful, and you can’t complain about that!

Bright, vivid violets have been cultivated since the times of the Ancient Greeks for medicinal reasons. They were also used to make wine, and their heart-shaped petals meant they were a go-to for love potions. How romantic!

Violets also symbolize humility, faithfulness, and wisdom.

Gorgeous primroses symbolize youth and confidence. So, if you’re born in February, you’re likely to be very loyal, wise, and ready to get out into the world and make your mark.

The Birth Flower of March: Daffodils

helen olivia floral design, birth month, flowers, dafoldilsThe March birth flower is one of the most well-known flowers, and one of the least-known. This month is all about daffodils and jonquils (if you have never heard of a jonquil, we’re sure you’re not alone).

March is the time when spring officially starts, bringing with it the promise of warmer weather and longer days. Because of this, the daffodil is the primary flower, and it encapsulates the spring feel of the month. These sunshine flowers are the perfect way to celebrate your birthday right at the start of spring!

Daffodils symbolize luck, rebirth, and prosperity. They’ve been popular since around the 1600s, and it’s said that even Shakespeare enjoyed a daffodil or two. You can find these pretty flowers in a range of colors, though they’re known for their iconically bright yellow petals.

Jonquils aren’t quite as well-known as daffodils, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful. These flowers signify domestic bliss, friendship, and desire.

April’s is for Sweet Peas

For the April birth flower, you can expect to see lots of daisies and sweet peas! These birth flowers are simple yet sweet, and brighten up the fields as spring gets in full swing.

Daisies are said to be one of the oldest flowers on the planet, and they may have even been around when dinosaurs walked the earth. It’s hard to even imagine anything that old! They represent loyalty, transformation, and innocence.

The sweet pea originates in the UK and Southern Italy, but now you can find them all over the world. They became popular around the 17th century and haven’t lost their status in the many years since! They symbolize good wishes and kindness.

May’s Lily of the Valley

helen olivia floral design, birth month, flowers, lily of the valley

The birth flowers for May are lily of the valley and hawthorn. Both are marvelous picks!

Lily of the valley is a flower well-known for its sweet, floral scent, making it a favorite of many people and ideal for perfumes. The story behind these beautiful flowers is that when Eve’s tears fell once she was evicted from Eden, they bloomed. They traditionally represent sweetness, motherhood, and the return of happiness.

Hawthorns have long been symbols of love and were also used in Celtic traditions as a symbol of protection. It’s common for brides to carry or wear Hawthorn, making it one of the most elegantly romantic flowers out there! If you’re a May baby, expect a life full of love.

June’s Birth Flower: Honeysuckle & Rose

You may have been wondering where roses were in February, and now you’ve found them! Roses, alongside honeysuckle, are the birth flowers of June.

Roses are one of the most popular flowers across the planet, which is very cool if you’re a June baby. You’ll be the envy of many others! They’ve been cherished for centuries, playing a large part in the culture of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece, where they were viewed as symbols of love.

Even now, roses are a notoriously romantic flower and are often used as the focal point in floral arrangements for weddings. The meaning of them can vary depending on the color, but generally, they represent love, honor, and devotion.

The meaning of the beautiful honeysuckle has changed throughout history. Nowadays, though, they’re viewed as a symbol of happiness, which is rather lovely we think!

July: Larkspur & Water Lily

helen olivia floral design, birth month, flowers, water lily

The pastel, stacked Larkspur flower isn’t just one of July’s birth flowers. It’s also an indication of different kinds of love depending on its color. Pink is for a playful, possibly fickle love.

Purple represents a first love. And white is for a long-lasting, happy spirit. You can choose the color of larkspur to not only indicate a birth month but also the relationship to and character of the receiver.

Harder to include in an arrangement is the water lily. These white and light pink flowers, immortalized by Monet, are so delicate and ethereal and represent an open heart.

August: Gladiolus & Poppy

The gladiolus is the first birth flower for August earns its name from its sword shape. It represents remembrance, calm, and infatuation. (Think of a heart being pierced with love, and you’ll get the idea.) Plus, it’s the perfect combination of bright and delicate with its fascinating pink hue and light petals.

Poppies are the other birth flower of August and change meaning depending on their color. Red poppies symbolize pleasure while white symbolizes condolences, and yellow poppies express wishes for success and wealth. Their bright color and large disk shape make them a great focal point in a floral arrangement. If the receiver of your arrangement is a natural attention seeker, poppies are a perfect choice.

September: Aster & Morning Glory

helen olivia floral design, birth month, flowers, morning glory

Folklore says that the aster flower used to be used to ward off serpents. Today, they represent a September birthday and powerful love. While many fall flowers come in colors closer to neutral tones, the aster is passionate purple that’s sure to catch an eye. And it has an undeniably beautiful texture to liven up any bouquet.

A more traditional flower, the morning glory is a symbol of simple affection. They are most beautiful in the morning when they fully expose their blooms. Later in the day, they curl back up again. You’re unlikely to find these flowers in an arrangement, but they’re still beautiful in a garden.


October: Marigold & Cosmos

helen olivia floral design, birth month, flowers, marigold, cosmos

It’s no wonder that the optimistic-looking marigold is a birth flower for October with its bright orange color which brings the happiest and coziest fall vibes. Just looking at it makes you think of a bright sunny day or a roaring fire.

Marigolds stand for grief and resurrection. Mexican culture believes that marigolds light the path between the living and the dead on Dia de Los Muertos. If you like bright colors and a little bit of a healthy dose of spookiness, marigolds are a great flower choice for you.

If you have an October birthday but prefer softer, more feminine colors, you might like the serene, pink cosmos. They get their name and symbolism from the Greek word, kosmos, which means order and harmony.

Like the marigold, cosmos, also have a place in Mexican heritage as they were named by Mexican missionaries who were impressed by their evenly placed petals.

November: Chrysanthemum

November is a rare month in that it only has one birth flower! This native Asian flower has a deep history of a significant place in festivals.

It symbolizes happiness, youthfulness, the sun, perfection, meditation, longevity. It’s easy to see why it would have all those positive connotations when you consider its optimistic fluffiness and eye-catching colors.

Different colors have even more meanings. For example, red is for love, white is for innocence, and yellow is for slighted love. But these aren’t all the colors that chrysanthemums come in. So no matter what your color taste is if your birth month is November, chrysanthemums have you covered. You don’t even need a second option!

Although it’s a pretty typical flower for arrangements and can sometimes look cheap or uncreative, there are lots of unconventional ways to include it in your arrangement if it’s a flower you love with meaning to you.

December: Narcissus & Holly

helen olivia floral design, birth month, flowers, narcissus, holly

The narcissus may be named after the famously self-obsessed mythology character, but it’s a gentle and mature flower that looks understated and beautiful in any arrangement. The narcissus family includes many types of flowers, but the specific December birth flower is the Narcissus (Paper White).

It’s a rare flower that grows during the winter and matches the snow which makes it a great option for winter arrangements. The message the paperwhite conveys is that you hope the receiver stays exactly as they are.

What holiday arrangement would be complete without a sprig of holly? This beautiful red berry isn’t just for Christmas; it’s for any December birthday! This amazing juxtaposition of red and green is eye-catching and represents domestic happiness. Maybe that’s why so many people love decorating their homes in it for the holidays.

Birth Flower Ideas

Have you been looking for a way to make a floral arrangement a little more personal?

When you order from Helen Olivia Floral Design, you can be assured that you’ll be getting a floral arrangement like no other. That’s because Helen Olivia rejects traditions and cliches in order to make arrangements that are truly artful and personal.

But if you want to add a little more meaning and knowledge to your floral arrangements, you can always look to your birth flower for inspiration. Just like birthstones, every month has a flower (or two!) that corresponds to it.

Flowers carry a lot of symbolic and sentimental meaning, they evoke tears, laughter, and long-lasting memories. So get that special someone a bouquet! Helen Olivia Floral Design offers same-day flower delivery in Falls Church, VA, Washington, DC, and the entire surrounding DMV area.

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