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February Birth Flower: Violets

Did you know that violets typically have heart-shaped leaves? That makes February’s birth flower very appropriate, given that it’s the same month as Valentine’s Day.  Are you looking for the perfect flowers to send this month from Helen Olivia Floral Design? There are a few reasons that violets might be the right choice for you. If you’re interested in learning more about violets and why you should send them, keep reading.

History of Violets

Violets were originally cultivated by Ancient Greeks. This practice dates back to at least 500 BC.

These cultures believed that violets were good for herbal remedies for illnesses. In the past, the legs and leaves of violets were used to help treat sore throats and congestion.

The leaves and flowers help with stomach cramps, and water from boiled roots can help to get rid of excess water in your body.

Napoleon Bonaparte claimed the violet as his signature flower. When his wife Josephine died in 1814, he covered her grave in violets. One nickname for him was Corporal Violet.

Violets Nutritional Value

Did you know that violets have some nutritional flowers? Ancient Greeks would use violets for wine and sweetening dishes. However, they were also used in other dishes and provided some great benefits.

Violets are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. They also contain a lot of other nutrients that help strengthen your immune system.

Birth Flower Myths

Violets have an origin story that goes back to an old Roman myth. There are a few stories that get told about the flower.

Venus and Cupid

This myth states that Venus was arguing with her son, Cupid, about whether she was more beautiful or a group of girls were.

When Cupid told her he believed the girls to be more beautiful, it angered Venus. She beat the girls until they were blue, and they turned into violets.

Because violets were connected to the god of love through this story, they were commonly used in love potions.

Diana and Apollo

Violets always get associated with modesty. This association goes back to a story about Apollo and Diana.

Apollo was pursuing a nymph friend of Diana’s. To protect her virtue, Diana turned her into a violet.

Persephone and Hades

Stories about violets don’t just exist in Roman mythology, but also in Greek mythology. Greek mythology states that Persephone was picking violets when Hades kidnapped her and took her to live in the underworld.

Zeus and Io

In another story, Zeus found himself in love with a nymph. Her name was Io.

Zeus naturally feared Hera’s anger. So, he turned Io into a white heifer.

Io would cry because she had to eat coarse grass. Zeus turned the tears that she cried to violets so she could eat them instead.

Symbolism of Violets

Because violets have such a rich history in mythology over the years, they have had a lot of symbolism associated with them.

Violets symbolize truth and loyalty. However, they also have meanings that get tied back to spiritual wisdom, humility, and modesty.

Greeks and Romans would use violets in funerals. They would cover the graves of children with these flowers because they represented modesty. Also, they would scatter violets near tombs.

Because of the Roman myth of Venus and Cupid, these flowers were used in love potions for years. In fact, a violet was used in a love potion made in A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

When Should You Gift the Flowers of February?

You can find some gorgeous and sweet-smelling bouquets to gift to your loved ones for a variety of reasons. One of the best things about violets is that they are versatile.

You can combine them with many different flowers and build a bouquet that sends a beautiful message, all in-house with us at Helen Olivia Floral Design!

Faithful Love

Giving a purple violet can symbolize faithful love. Combine these flowers with white roses, which symbolize purity and are traditionally used at weddings, and you have the perfect bouquet to give someone you love.

This gorgeous bouquet is a great example.


Violets are the birth month flower for February. These flowers are great to give to anyone celebrating a birthday in your life.

The iris and primrose are other flowers that often get tied to February birthdays. No matter what flower you choose to gift, it will show your love for the person who receives them and provide the perfect celebration bouquet.


If you want to continue the Greek or Roman tradition, choose violets the next time you send flowers in remembrance. In this instance, these flowers can take on a different meaning.

Expression of Feelings

Violet’s aren’t exclusive to romantic couples. Because their symbolism also includes loyalty, purity, sincerity, and watchfulness, they’re a great gift to give to someone you care for.

They signify that this person will always mean a lot to you.

What Colors Do Violets Come In?

It’s a common misconception that violets are only violet. Violets can come in a couple of different colors, and the different colors have slightly different meanings.

There are around 400 to 500 different kinds of violets. While the most dominant color in violets is purple and blue, different colors of violets can include:

  • Pinks and whites

  • Reds and corals

  • Green and yellow


Send Someone You Love February’s Birth Flower Today from Helen Olivia Floral Design

Need any more convincing that February’s birth flower is the perfect gift for someone you love? We know you lead a busy life, that’s why we offer same-day delivery for flowers.

Order your flowers from Helen Olivia Floral Design today, and you can rest confidently knowing you sent the best gift!

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